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Course Number Course
The CMMC Ecosystem and You
The New “Buy American Act”
Cybersecurity Training
Wine and Wisdom: GovCon Talk with Barbara and Yvonne
Preparing for a Successful CPSR Audit
Contract Administration: Do’s and Don’ts
Bid Protests: Winning or Losing
FOIA Requests: A Comprehensive Overview
ISR/SSR: Reporting Subcontracting Utilization
DCAA Compliance: How and Why They Are Important to Your Organization
Subcontracting under the FAR
Teaming Agreements: Do’s and Don’ts
Improving Your CPARS Rating Through Contractor Self Assessments
Subcontract Management, Teaming Agreements and Flowdowns
Boot Camp for VA Schedules
What a Potential Government Shutdown Means for Federal Contractors Webinar
Service Contract Labor Standards
Federal Acquisitions Regulations Intro
Federal Procurement Boot Camp
Contract Closeout
Government Contract Compliance
Federal Contracting Basics
Introduction to the Federal Acquisition Regulation
Boot Camp for GSA Multiple Award Schedules
Strategic Use of Multiple Award Schedules
Advanced Contract Administration
Low Sales? How To Not Lose Your GSA MAS Schedule
Advanced Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)
Flowdowns: Are you “Flowing” FAR and DFARS Flowdown
Increase Federal Sales
Administration of Government Contracts
How to Obtain a GSA Schedule Contract
How To Not Lose Your Federal Award Webinar Series
How to NOT Lose Your Federal Award: Internal Controls and Cost Accounting Requirements
Avoid COVID-19 REA Pitfalls & Rejections
Unpacking Cares Act Section 3610 – Several Horses of a Different Color
Multiple Award Schedule Webinars
Multiple Award Schedule: The Negotiation Process and Contract Administration from A to Z
The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Proposal Process from A to Z and the “Basis of Award”
Claims & Disputes In the Wake of COVID-19: How to Properly Document, Draft & Submit Equitable Adjustment Requests & Claims
Coronavirus: CARES ACT, SBA Loans and Other Developments
How to Lead a High-Performance Virtual Team
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Labor and Employment Law Issues for Government Contractors
Small Business Update Webinar
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Issues for Government Contractors-Webinar
Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Ratings – The Good, the Bad and the Future of CPARS
Contracting & Subcontracting Essentials
Proposal Management Refresher
Contract Type and Pricing Basics Webinar
Business Development for Project Delivery Teams
Employment and Contracting Claims: Avoid These Costly Mistakes
Mandatory Disclosure for Government Contractors Webinar
Ethics and Compliance Pitfalls Webinar
CON 091: Contract Fundamentals
Government Contract Accounting 101 Webinar
Section 508: What Every Federal Contractor Needs to Know
CPARS: What Every Contractor Needs To Know Webinar
FC46 What Every In-House Attorney Needs to Know About Government Contract Law – Virtual
Understanding the Federal IT Acquisition Process- Virtual
The Potential Benefits of Blockchain for Government Webinar
Recovery of Legal Fees and Expenses at the Boards of Contract Appeals
Anatomy of a FOIA Request for Contract Records
FAR/DFARS Updates and Changes
Surviving a DCAA Audit Webinar
Accounting Compliance for Government Contractors
Simplifying Cost Accounting Standards (“CAS”) Webinar
Cost Allowability in Government Contracting Webinar
Accounting Compliance for Government Contractors – Navigating the Differences
Introduction to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
Introduction to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI)
Special Issues in Government Contract Pricing Webinar
Change Orders and Equitable Adjustments in Government Contracts – Do’s and Don’ts Webinar
Source Selection for Subcontracts
Negotiate an Enforceable Subcontract
How to Survive Wage and Hour Investigations
Amazon’s Move Into the Federal Marketplace: Hear From the Head of Federal at Amazon Business
Annual Review: Hot Issues in Federal Contracting Highlights Webinar
Service Contract Labor Standards– Complex Issues: Price Adjustments, Retroactive Application, Conformances, Disputes, Audits and More Webinar
Cost and Price Realism
Legal Ethics: The Professional Duty of Confidentiality, and the associated Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine
False Claims Act Trends Involving Grant Recipients and Subrecipients
WE12 Option Renewals and IOA Assessments Webinar
WE10 GSA Contract Management for GSA Schedules Holders Webinar – Old
Renewing Your VA Federal Supply Schedule Contract
Small Business Program Changes Review
Contracting for Architect-Engineer Services—Webinar
ITAR Primer for Federal Defense Contractors
Service Contract Labor Standards Update- Webinar (FREE)
How to Obtain a VA Federal Supply Schedule Contract (Free)
Intellectual Property Issues in Government Contracts and Grants Webinar
FC71 Winning GWACs, IDIQs and Task Orders for Federal Contractors
FC84 Intellectual Property Issues in Government Contracts and Grants
FC73 Incentive and Award Fee Workshop
FC78 Issues in Subcontracts and Teaming Agreements
FC76 Advanced FAR Workshop – Old
FC70 Introduction to Overhead Rates for Flexibly Priced Contracts and Cost Proposals
Understand How Government Agencies order under GSA/VA Schedules Webinar
VETS-4212: Federal Contractor and Subcontractor Labor Reporting Webinar
FC16 A Practical Guide to Government Contract Law
ACQ 370: Acquisition Law
Advanced COR
FC09 Annual Review 2021: Hot Issues in Federal Contracting
GV22 Appropriations Law and the Antideficiency Act
FC59 Appropriations Law and the Antideficiency Act Webinar
Best Value Source Selection for Government
Bid Protests- What Every Government Contractor Needs To Know Webinar
FC19 Boot Camp for VA Schedules-Virtual
FC97 Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act: Current Law and Future Trends
GV52 Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act Webinar
Change Management
Coaching Skills to Improve Employee Performance
CON 090: FAR Fundamentals
CON 100: Shaping Smart Business Arrangements
CON 120: Contracting for Mission Support
CON 215: Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support
CON 280: Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts
CON 290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment
Conflict Management
GV51 Contract Interpretation
GV27 Contract Negotiation Strategies & Techniques
FCIPT.FC92 CPSR: Easy As 1-2-3
GV48 COR Level I Certification – COR Basics
GV06 COR Level I Training – COR Refresher
GV18 COR Level I Training – COR Roles and Responsibilities
GV49 COR Level II Training – COR Certification
COR 222: Contracting Officer’s Representative Course
AU16 Debriefings: Your Rights, Government Obligations, and Best Practices Webinar
GV39 Effective Writing for Acquisition
FC56 Federal Contract Administration
FC02 Federal Contracting Fundamentals
GV64 Administration of Government Contracts
FC64 Federal Grants Update
Federal Procurement Opportunities for Small Businesses and Middle Market Contractors
FC58 FPDS: A Guide to Competitive Intelligence
FPDS-NG: What Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know Webinar
AU14 Fundamentals of Blanket Purchase Agreements
AU15 Fundamentals of Interagency Contracting
WE03 Ethics in Government Contracting – “What it Means Now and What it May Mean in the New Normal Future”
FC35 GSA Schedule Option Renewals
FC11 GSA & VA Schedules Audit Issues
GV50 GSA Schedules for Government Personnel
How to Prevent and Win Bid Protests Webinar
FC61 Incurred Cost Submission
FCIPT.FC96 Incurred Cost Proposals: A Year in Review Webinar
Intellectual Property Basics for Government Buyers
Intellectual Property Rights Under Federal Contracts and Grants
Introduction to Supervision
Leadership and Management Skills for Non Supervisors
Leadership and Management Skills for Supervisors
Leadership in a Time of Change
FC55 Mid-Year Update: Hot Issues in Federal Contracting
Resolving Conflict
FC32 Service Contract Labor Standards: A Practical Course to Avoid Common Mistakes – Old
GV33 Service Contract Labor Standards for Government Agencies
GV05 Seven Steps to Avoid Bid Protests
Subcontracting Issues: From Both the Prime and the Subcontract’s Perspective
Surviving That First Venture into Overhead Rates! Webinar
FC18 Task & Delivery Order Contracting
WE01 The Trade Agreements Act & The Nonmanufacturer Rule Webinar
GV61 The Veterans First Contracting Program: After Kingdomware Webinar Update
The U.S. Export Control Reforms
FCIPT.FC 94 VA Procurement Opportunities for Small Businesses and Middle Market Contractors
FC57 Employment Law-What Every Federal Contractor Needs To Know