Supplier Surveys for ESRS Reporting | Centre Law & Consulting in Tysons, VA
When was the last time you verified your spending levels with small or large companies? Does that spending comply with the goals of your GSA Schedule or negotiated terms?

If you’ve not completed a Supplier Survey within the past year, chances are your information could be incorrect.

What is a Supplier Survey?
Centre Law & Consulting’s Supplier Surveys are designed to gather the necessary information about your company’s spending with small vs. large companies who are your vendors.

Why Should I Complete A Supplier Survey?
While there is no GSA requirement to complete an annual Supplier Survey, there is a requirement that any company with a subcontracting plan has to report their spending with small vs. large companies they use as vendors. This information is then required to be input into eSRS, a government-wide subcontracting system for electronic submission, management, reporting and analyses of subcontracting data. Supplier information is also used by companies to update their SAM profile each year. These SAM updates are required for all GSA Schedule holders, regardless of if they have a subcontracting plan or not.

Can I Do This On My Own?
For most companies, the task of handling gathering supplier information isn’t a core responsibility to anyone’s job in particular. That means the surveys are either not getting done or not getting done well. Some will look in SAM to get information. Some admit to simply estimating or guessing about the numbers. Far too often the end result is information that may not be accurate, current, or reliable.

Why Use Centre Law & Consulting?
Make sure you can withstand an audit and have your data be legally protected. By having Centre Law & Consulting handle your Supplier Survey, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that your company will be covered if it is ever challenged on its eSRS report. Our seasoned experts will provide you with informed, authoritative, fact-based data that will give you the assurance to say that “a procurement professional has reviewed this information.”

Take worry away from your internal staff. Avoid extra training and responsibility.
Rely on our turnkey solution to stay compliant and accurate with your supplier data.

For one firm-fixed price, contact us today to learn more
about the process and how we can help your company be confident in its data.