Apr 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning for Your GSA Schedule | Centre Law & Consulting in Tysons, VA
As spring approaches, it’s the time of year when we are all busy dusting off and cleaning up around the house, but do not forget to spruce up your General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract as well.

Below are key items to consider when spring cleaning your GSA Schedule:

Authorized Negotiators/Digital Certificates: Have you reviewed the authorized negotiators on your GSA Schedule recently? If any authorized negotiators need to be removed or added, this can be completed via an administrative modification. Has it been two years since your received your digital certificate or did you get a new computer recently? It is important to check that your digital certificate is still valid and is on your current computer. Without a digital certificate, an authorized negotiator will not be able to access the eMod system. If the information on your digital certificate does not match what is listed in the authorized negotiator table in eMod, you will need to complete an administrative modification to make the updates. NOTE: Digital Certificates are only valid for two years.

Administrative Contract Data: Ensure that the Contract Administrator, phone and fax number, e-mail address, website, and physical address are up-to-date on your contract. GSA will use this information to communicate with you, so you do not want to miss out on important updates.

Pricing – Commercial Price List: Have you issued a new commercial price list and need to increase your prices? It is time to complete an Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) modification in accordance with 552.216-70.

Pricing – Market Rates: Have your completed your annual EPA modification in accordance with I-FSS-969(b)(2)? If not, it is time to review the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website to find the market indicator applicable to your contract and request an EPA modification.

Additions: Do you have new products or services that you want to add to your GSA Schedule? If you have sold these new products or services, it is time to submit an addition modification to include these new products and/or services on your Schedule.

Deletions: Are there any products or services that you no longer offer? It is time to complete a deletion modification to remove these products or services from your schedule. If you have products, have you verified the Country of Origin (COO) for them lately? If the COO has changed to a non-Trade Agreement Act compliant country, you must submit a deletion modification to remove those products immediately.

Terms & Conditions: Have your reviewed your terms and conditions within the last year? It is important to evaluate your Basis of Award (BOA) and Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) annually to determine if there have been any changes. Reviewing this information annually will help prepare you for your Option Renewal. If anything has changed in regards to your BOA or CSP, it’s time to complete a term and condition modification.

GSA Advantage! Price List: Is your GSA Advantage! price list up-to-date? Ensure that your price list has been updated per the last modification awarded under your GSA Schedule. If you have not updated your price list in two years, you will receive a notice from GSA that will require action within 90 days or your price list will be removed from GSA Advantage.

Mass Modifications: Have you checked to ensure that all mass modifications have been accepted? Click here to verify their status. If you have long outstanding mass modifications, it is possible that your PIN has expired. You will need to reach out to your Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) to obtain a new PIN.

Small Business Reports: If you are a large business, ensure that all of your subcontracting reports are submitted. Below are the reporting deadlines for both Individual Small Business Subcontracting Plans and Commercial Small Business Subcontracting Plans.

Calendar Period Report Due Date Due
10/01 – 03/31 ISR (Individual Plan) 04/30
04/01 – 09/30 ISR (Individual Plan) 10/30
10/01 – 09/30 SSR (Commercial Plan) 10/30

IFF Reports: Are all of your Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) reports complete? Reports and IFF remittance must be completed within 30 calendar days following the completion of each reporting quarter. Even if you had zero sales during the reporting period, you are still required to complete your reports.

Before completing any modifications to clean up your GSA Schedule, review the modifications instructions applicable to your schedule to ensure that you submit all required documentation. If you need assistance updating your contract, reach out to our GSA consulting team.

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Julia Coon | Centre Law & Consulting in Tysons VA Julia Coon

Julia Coon is GSA and VA Contract Consultant at Centre Law & Consulting. Julia works with the GSA/VA team in preparing new schedule proposals and post-award contract administration. She has experience in producing schedule renewal packages, various modification packages, small business subcontracting plans, and updates to GSA pricelists.


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