Oct 19, 2017

Yes, you read the title correctly – a protester actually protested its own future award. In an interesting twist of fate, a company recently filed a pre-award bid protest only to find out that the agency had already evaluated the protester’s bid and intended to award the contract to the protester.

Daekee Global Company, Ltd., a South Korean company, protested the terms of a solicitation issued by the Department of Navy for ship husbanding services arguing that the evaluation scheme failed to evaluate offerors’ technical capabilities or past performance. The agency subsequently requested the dismissal of the protest because Daekee had not been prejudiced by the terms of the solicitation. Specifically, the agency argued that Daekee submitted an offer that was evaluated by the agency and that the agency intended to award a contract to Daekee. In response, Daekee argued that the merits of its protest should still be addressed as, even though it would be an awardee, the issues Daekee raised would not be addressed or corrected if its protest were to be dismissed.

Unsurprisingly, the GAO did not bite on Daekee’s argument. In its decision, the GAO found that Daekee was not an interested party as it did not suffer any competitive prejudice because Daekee did not suffer any competitive disadvantage or otherwise affect its ability to compete. Because the agency represents that once the protest is resolved and the stay of the award is lifted it will award a contract to Daekee, the GAO found that it does not have jurisdiction to entertain the protest.

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