Jan 18, 2018

By Barbara Kinosky

Action, cameras, déjà vu of 1995 and 2013, with the same story line except this time the President and both Houses of Congress are all Republican.  However, it is a divided Republican party which is not putting Paul Ryan in much of a party mood.  (And yes, I did steal “Shutdown Showdown” from CNN’s Chris Cillizza.  It will now be a race to the Patent & Trademark Office to get all rights for the new t-shirt line.)  This Friday night is the deadline for either the passage of a real budget, a continuing resolution or a shutdown.   Here is the quick read summary on the issues:   Dems want a DACA solution and Affordable Care Act funding and some Reps are concerned about the debt ceiling.

Government Contract Likely Impact:

  1. Federal employees received back pay for the last shutdown in 2013.  Most government contractors were not that lucky.  I suspect more of same. Talk to your contracting officer about your options.
  2. Wikipedia, the source of all my knowledge has a list of the agencies that closed in 2013. It can probably be used as a guide for what is considered essential and nonessential.
  3. If your contracting officer advises you in writing (even if written on a beer-stained napkin which is better than nothing) that the service you perform is essential then keep working. Call me if you don’t get paid (as cribbed from the show Better Call Saul).

As of the time this article was posted, House Republicans have proposed a stop gap one-month funding resolution but it is not clear whether this will pass.

Bid Protests

In other news, here is a quick read on the difference between the Court of Federal Claims and the GAO on bid protest decisions.  Since I was quoted in it I must include it!

And for those of you who think you still want to continue with federal government contracting despite the shutdown showdown (thank you again Chris) come to Centre’s Annual Review of Federal Contracting.  We have a full line up of the movers and shakers in DC and all the news you need to know to stay current in the never dull world of federal contracting.  I hope to see you on March 6 at the MGM.


About the Author:

Barbara Kinosky | Centre Law & Consulting Barbara Kinosky
Managing Partner

Barbara Kinosky is the Managing Partner of Centre Law and Consulting and has more than twenty-five years of experience in all aspects of federal government contracting. Barbara is a nationally known expert on GSA and VA Schedules and the Service Contract Act, and she has served as an expert witness for federal government contracting cases.



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  • milicent friendly says:

    Awww poor little paulie ryan.
    Let me get out my tiny violin and play a funeral dirge right into his giant corporate lackey ears.
    Remember when he fake washed dishes at a homeless shelter for a photo-shoot depicting him as having a soul?
    Remember when he said “rape is just another form of conception”?
    Remember when he got a free ride to college under a taxpayer funded “entitlement program”?
    Remember when he gave billions to billionaires and temporary crumbs to working people?
    We do.