Contracting and subcontract for commercial services on a Time & Materials/Labor Hour (T&M/LH) based on price analysis has become routine in Government contracting. However, with increasing emphasis on commercial item determination (CID) some clients have become more conservative, especially on “of a type” judgements. As a result, contractors and subcontractors who have relied on commercial based price analysis are being asked to develop cost proposals including indirect rates.

The purpose of this webinar is to overview what to expect when the contractor/subcontractor finds themselves crossing the line from commercial based contracting using price analysis, into proposing and performing contracts based on cost analysis.


  • Basic FAR definitions of direct cost and indirect cost
  • Determining allowability
  • Allocability and reasonableness of costs
  • Indirect cost allocation methods, indirect rate development
  • Four types of indirect rates (forward pricing rates, interim billing rates, final rates and quick closeout rates)


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