Gain the skills necessary to understand every key issue in subcontracting today. This course covers the complex relationships between the federal government, prime contractors and subcontractors.

This course is a must for negotiating subcontractors and managing subcontracts whether you are a buyer, seller or government official.

After completing this course you will understand contract flow-down clauses, consent clauses, make or buy plans, privity, sponsorship, and subcontracting plans. You will learn how to negotiate subcontract flow-down clauses both as a prime and as a subcontractor; navigate through intellectual property issues; manage subcontractor claims and disputes; tailor terms and conditions for specific needs; and manage subcontractors.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of subcontracting issues
  • Make or buy programs
  • Contractor’s purchasing review
  • Mandatory flow down clauses
  • Negotiating subcontracts—specific clauses
  • Subcontracting plan requirements
  • Consent to subcontract and subcontracting competition clauses
  • Cost and pricing
  • Payment
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest, Buy America Act, and labor laws
  • Terminations, claims, and protests
  • Current hot topics in subcontracting


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