The Federal Acquisition Regulation can sometimes seem like there are infinite clauses to follow when working with the Federal Government. If your organization’s contracts include FAR clause 52.216-7 (Allowable Cost and Payment), then your company needs to be up to speed on your incurred costs. That means your Contracting Officer will need to receive a final indirect cost rate submission that proposes indirect rates to reflect your company’s actual cost experience.

Our intensive one-day Incurred Cost Submission training course focuses providing you with the necessary knowledge concerning the annual Incurred Cost Submission requirement. To establish final indirect rates and direct contract costs, contractors must understand the components of an adequate incurred cost proposal.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Understand the FAR contract clauses which pertain to the final indirect cost rates
  • Be aware of the penalties for claiming expressly unallowable costs
  • Analyze the DCAA audit policies and audit programs relevant to incurred cost audit exceptions, contractor rebuttals, and reporting audit results
  • Understand FAR provisions which define documentation requirements and records retention

Who Should Attend:

  • Contract Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Accountants and Finance Professionals
  • Compliance Managers
  • Anyone who is required to submit their incurred costs to the Federal Government


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Price: $695
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Course Number: FC61


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