Join us for a training on contract compliance, regulations and requirements as we take a high-level look at some of the basics and fundamentals needed for all organizations in government contracting.

The words FAR, CAS and DCAA should not put fear into government contractors. These terms and the regulations and compliance requirements that surround them are critical areas that need to be understood and accepted by organizations while doing business with the federal government.

From how you set up your accounting system and identify which costs should go where, to invoicing and financial reporting, the federal government has implemented guidelines and requirements to protect itself from financial liability. The better an organization can implement these guidelines and follow compliance consistently, the more trust it can establish with agencies. This gives your company a great advantage over the competition during the procurement process.

Internal Controls and Cost Accounting Requirements

  • Accounting system criteria
  • Segregation of direct and indirect costs
  • Identification of direct costs by contract/line item
  • Labor timekeeping, cost accumulation, and cost distribution
  • Other Direct Costs


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