Preparation is key. Transparency and rigorous oversight means that contractors must be vigilant and conscientious of their contracts. Because of recent contracting abuses under GSA contracts, GSA has made it clear that it will do more pre- and post-contract audits and compliance reviews of GSA contractors. GSA contractors must anticipate that they will be subject to one or more audits or compliance reviews under their GSA contracts. Through this course you will learn how and why GSA and other federal agencies exercise their audit rights and how you can effectively prepare for and respond to those audits and compliance reviews.


  • The new GSA contractor report card
  • Government audit rights under GSA contracts
  • Effective pricing disclosures under GSA contracts
  • The Price Reductions Clause and its ramifications
  • Identifying risk areas in contract compliance
  • Developing effective compliance systems
  • Preparing for and responding to audits and compliance reviews

Learn How To:

  • Make accurate contract and modification disclosures to avoid audit problems
  • Respond to government audit requests
  • Identify the information the government will seek and focus on during its audits
  • Comply with the contract clauses that generate government audit rights
  • Prepare for and respond effectively to government audits of GSA contracts


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