This one hour crash course will cover the most important aspects of government contract accounting. The webinar is intended to portray at a high level what is needed to retain practical, compliant and useful skills that can make an immediate impact on your organization

What You’ll Learn:

  • Government terminology and definitions
  • The difference between direct and indirect costs
  • What a “wrap” rate is
  • How to calculate indirect rates and how they are applied to your costs
  • Understanding Allowable and unallowable costs
  • Understanding Cost pools (Fringe, Overhead, General & Administrative)
  • Basic FAR clauses
  • Contract Pricing
  • Financial Systems
  • Compliance
  • How NOT to price

Who Should Attend:

  • Accouting/Finance professionals with limited experience in government contract accounting, or need a refresher on government contract accounting
  • Directors/Managers and Administrators
  • Small/Medium size business owners
  • Legal and compliance professionals



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