You’ve just learned that the government awarded a contract you wanted to another business. Under some circumstances, you have the right to ask for a debriefing to find out why you didn’t win the award. Or maybe you’ve already requested a debriefing but aren’t sure what you need to do to best prepare for it.

During this webinar you will learn about your legal rights relating to agency debriefings, what information the Government must disclose to you, and how to prepare for successful debriefings. It will also address when to request a debriefing and what to do during and after a debriefing. In addition, this webinar will analyze how new Government Accountability Office rules impact the debriefing requirements. This course is intended for corporate officers, procurement professionals, and in-house legal counsel involved in debriefings and protests.


  • When to request a debriefing
  • How to prepare for successful debriefings
  • Your legal rights during the debriefing process
  • The information the Government must disclose to you
  • What to do after a debriefing

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain knowledge of the debriefing rules
  • To understand of pre-debriefing preparation requirements and post-debriefing actions
  • To learn best practices relating to debriefings

Who Should Attend:

  • Corporate Officers
  • Procurement Professionals
  • In-House Legal Counsel
  • Anyone involved in debriefings and protests


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