This course provides a thorough walk-through of the basics of cost and price realism analysis. The course covers the basic and provides hands-on, interactive learning with exercises, case

studies, and group work, to give greater emphasis to the application of the course principles. This course can be offered on-site, off-site, at Centre’s location, virtually, on-demand, and web-based.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Price and Cost Analysis
  • FAR Requirements
  • CO Roles and Responsibilities
  • Price Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Understanding Cost Analysis – Expand discussion on cost elements; bottom line price;
  • Allocable costs – Workshop
  • Cost Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Cost Realism Analysis
  • What is Cost Realism?
  • Justification and Documentation
  • Resources
  • Understanding Special Costs
  • Specific Cost Issues– Workshop
  • Labor Rates
  • Overhead and G&A
  • Profit
  • Special Issues
  • Uncompensated Overtime
  • Low Bids
  • “Added Value” Subcontractors
  • Negotiation positions – Role play workshop
  • Preparing for Business Reviews and Audits
  • Working with DCAA

Length of class: Two days


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