In Fiscal Year 2017, the Federal Government reported 8,884 transactions in the Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation (FPDS-NG) for Architect Services (NAICS Code 541310), totaling over $838 Million. Additionally, another 81,482 transactions totaling $26.484 Billion (that’s Billion with a “B”) for Engineering Services (NAICS Code 541330) were reported.  Does the Federal Marketplace hold lucrative opportunities for your firm?

The Federal Government has special authorities and unique methods for acquiring Architect-Engineer Services which are quite different than the normal methods and processes used to acquire supplies and services.


The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) formally defines Architect-engineer services as:

  1. Professional services of an architectural or engineering nature, as defined by State law, if applicable, required to be performed or approved by a person licensed, registered, or certified to provide those services;
  2. Professional services of an architectural or engineering nature performed by contract that are associated with research, planning, development, design, construction, alteration, or repair of real property; and
  3. Those other professional services of an architectural or engineering nature, or incidental services, that members of the architectural and engineering professions (and individuals in their employ) may logically or justifiably perform, including studies, investigations, surveying and mapping, tests, evaluations, consultations, comprehensive planning, program management, conceptual designs, plans and specifications, value engineering, construction phase services, soils engineering, drawing reviews, preparation of operating and maintenance manuals, and other related services.


Centre’s 90-minute Contracting for Architect-Engineer Services webinar will introduce architect-engineer firms and individuals to the process the Federal Government uses to acquire these services.  The webinar will take you through the process of how the Federal Government solicits and selects Architect-Engineer firms, through source selection, negotiations, and contract award.


  • Take steps to ensure eligibility to participate in Federal Architect-Engineer opportunities
  • Understand the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes and Product/Service Codes for Architect-Engineer Services
  • Understand FAR provisions and clauses applicable to Architect-Engineer Contracts
  • Understand set-asides, and how the “Rule of Two” applies to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Set-Asides for Architect-Engineer Services
  • Determine whether an Architect-Engineer qualifies as a small business
  • Locate and identify Federal Architect-Engineer Service opportunities
  • The Standard Forms used to respond to Architect-Engineer Service opportunities
  • Where to find/how to identify Architect-Engineer Service procurement opportunities in the Federal Marketplace.


This webinar is designed for small business Architect-Engineer firms interested in entering the Federal Marketplace and those currently engaged in the Federal Marketplace who could use a refresher on the process, or have new staff to train in this specialized contracting area.

Some Things to Know About Our Virtual Classes

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  • Mic and speakers OR a headset.  For the best audio experience, a headset is preferable.
  • Close down all major applications during virtual training

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