This course builds on the foundation established through the Level I curriculum and the course prerequisites. The primary focus is on the acquisition of services under FAR Part 15 procedures, with an emphasis on performance-based acquisitions (PBA) for services, contract types, contract incentives, source selection, and contract administration. Students will learn the fundamentals of a performance based service acquisition — from acquisition planning to contract closeout through a realistic case study. The course takes students through the solicitation process using the mandatory DoD Source Selection Procedures. Students will prepare contractual documents, and develop and deliver high-level source selection briefings with recommendations for contract award.

Target Attendees:

This course is designed for Level I certified contracting personnel with at least 2 years of contracting experience in the Contracting Career Field (Civilian OCC Series 1102) seeking Level II certification.


ACQ 101, Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management, CLC 051, Managing Government Property in the Possession of Contractors, CLC 056, Analyzing Contract Costs, CLC 057, Performance Based Payments and Value of Cash Flow, CON 200, Business Decisions for Contracting, CON 216,Legal Considerations in Contracting, CON 270, Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis, HBS 428, Negotiating.

Course Length:

10 class days


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