DAU Equivalent Course

CON 120 is the level I capstone course for federal contracting students. Using an integrated case study approach, this seminar engages the students in the entire acquisition process, from meeting with the customer to completing the contract closeout process. Students will learn how to apply leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation skills to the contracting process.


  • Decision-making and problem-solving techniques
  • Performing market research as part of mission support planning
  • Solicitation preparation and proposal review
  • Assessing contractor performance
  • Contract closeout
  • Leadership development and career growth

Learn How To:

  • Provide contracting advice based on market research
  • Prepare a solicitation package
  • Prepare, award, and debrief a contract requirement
  • Evaluate price reasonableness and conduct price negotiations
  • Plan and conduct a post-award conference
  • Modify a contract, exercise a contract option, and complete the contract closeout process


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