This seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the environment, responsibilities, and skills required of government contracting professionals. This wide-ranging course covers everything from how to work in teams, to the various DOD mission areas, to the regulatory framework governing acquisitions. Jumpstart your career with this exciting, expansive course, and be an integral player in fulfilling your agency’s mission. This CON 100 course is certified as equivalent with DAU’s CON 100: Shaping Smart Business Arrangements.

Included in the price is a follow-up audio seminar to get all postclass questions answered after students have returned to the workplace. We are the only training provider to offer this unique opportunity to get your real-world questions answered by one of the legal experts at Centre’s Federal Contracting Institute. We get it right the first time so you can depend on it.


  • Senior leadership’s vision for the acquisition mission and workforce
  • The similarities and differences between private and public sector acquisitions
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of teams
  • Avoiding waste, fraud, and abuse
  • The Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency-specific regulations
  • Financial laws and their application to contracting
  • Negotiation skills and smart business arrangements
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Conducting business in the Internet age

Learn How To:

  • Negotiate and manage contracts to make the best use of taxpayer money
  • Work in teams with varied, and difficult, personalities
  • Comply with ethics rules and oversight agencies
  • Describe the budget cycle and its impact on government purchasing
  • Use e-business to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Advance your career in the acquisition field


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