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CON 090: FAR Fundamentals is a four week, foundational course for new hires into the contracting field that provides a total immersion into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Parts 1-53 and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). The course will prepare the 21st century acquisition workforce to operate successfully in a web enabled environment.

CON 090 is a limited lecture, research-intensive, exercised-based curriculum. Participants will analyze contracting business scenarios developed through research of the FAR and its supplement, DFARS. The course is presented in four modules: Contracting Overview using the FAR and DFARS, Contract Acquisition Planning, Contract Formation, and Contract Management/Administration.

Students are expected to become familiar with FAR Parts 1-53. Students will be quizzed daily on FAR knowledge, lesson content, and homework. Students should be prepared to dedicate 2-3 hours per evening for homework.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is designed those who are new to the contracting field and for those who are seeking DAWIA or FAC-C Level I certification.

Learn How To:

  • Use online resources to locate, cite, and interpret information in the FAR and DFARS
  • Identify the policies and procedures related to acquisition planning, preferred and required sources, competition requirements, methods of contracting, types of contracts, describing agency needs, publicizing contract actions, and socioeconomic programs
  • Identify policies and procedures for soliciting offers, evaluating bids and offers, evaluating proposals and conducting exchanges with offerors, awarding contracts, managing protests, and conducting simplified acquisitions
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of contract administration including the initiation of work, managing contract performance, policies and procedures for contract modifications, applicable payment clauses, and contract disputes and appeals, and termination and closeout of contracts

Topics Covered:

  • Federal Acquisition Environment
  • Using and Interpreting the FAR, DFARS, and DFARS PGI
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Sources of Supply and Services
  • Competition Requirements
  • Methods of Contracting
  • Types of Contracts
  • Special Contracting Methods
  • Describing Agency Needs
  • Publicizing Contract Actions
  • Socioeconomic Programs
  • Contract Formation Principles
  • Solicitation of Offers
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Proposal Evaluation and Exchanges
  • Contract Award
  • Protests
  • Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  • Contract Administration Basics
  • Contract Delays
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Modifications
  • Administration of Selected Terms and Conditions
  • Payment
  • Disputes and Appeals
  • Contract Terminations
  • Contract Closeout


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