Square Pegs and Round Holes – OSHA Reporting Requirements A Difficult Fit for COVID-19

Jun 5, 2020

  By Tyler Freiberger, Esq., As pandemic restrictions are beginning to ease, employers are increasingly challenged with knowing and meeting their obligations concerning COVID-19 prevention in the workplace. The confusion and shifting nature of these goal posts is best exemplified by the Department of Labor’s recent revised memorandum advising that employers are responsible for recording cases… Read more »

Upcoming Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation Refresh

May 28, 2020

  By Julia Coon, The General Services Administration (GSA) will be releasing refresh #2 to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation in June 2020. All current MAS contractors will receive a PIN to accept the mass modification and will have 90 days to accept the mass modification.  The upcoming refresh will include the following changes…. Read more »

Contractor Claims in a COVID-19 World

May 21, 2020

  By Hon. Jack Delman Our new COVID-19 (COVID) world brings special risks and unanticipated cost in the performance of federal contracts, particularly for those contractors holding fixed price contracts. Below we suggest various ways through which a contractor can mitigate some of these challenges. YOUR RIGHTS UNDER YOUR CONTRACT AND THE LAW If COVID impacts… Read more »

COVID-19 Funding Brings Enforcement Risks

May 7, 2020

  By Heather Mims, Esq. In these unprecedented times, when the Government is handing out literally trillions of dollars of cash, a certain amount of unscrupulous behavior is almost certainly to follow. While the economic stimulus plan will provide desperately needed help to plenty of worthy small businesses, it will also surely be rife with fraud… Read more »

SDV Not In “Control” – Court Affirms Overturn of Set Aside Award!

Apr 16, 2020

  By Hon. Jack Delman In XOTECH, LLC v. UNITED STATES, 950 F.3d 1376 (Fed. Cir. 2020) (XO), the Federal Circuit recently affirmed the overturn of an award to a service-disabled-veteran-owned (SDVO) LLC small business on the grounds that the LLC failed to show that its decisions were controlled by the SDV as required by law…. Read more »

Free Money? Are The Payroll Loans Too Good to Be True?

Apr 9, 2020

  By Tyler Freiberger, Esq., By now, you’ve heard about the CARES Act and the $350 billion put aside for small businesses. Bank of America alone received 10,000 applications in just the first hour it opened its online portal. If you haven’t, the short story is that private lenders are beings tasked to provide loans to… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: It’s Time to Spruce Up Your Multiple Award Schedule

Apr 2, 2020

  By Julia Coon, As you are completing your annual spring cleaning, do not forget to spruce up your Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. It is important to regularly review and update your MAS contract to ensure your company is in compliance with your contract requirements. Some of the key areas to review when sprucing… Read more »