Service Contract Labor Standards (AKA SCA): Top 10 Things to Consider

Sep 19, 2019

By William Weisberg, Esq., The Service Contract Labor Standards (“SCLS”) governs how, and how much, government contractors must pay “covered” employees on “covered” contracts.  Here are the Top 10 things to keep in mind regarding Service Contract Labor Standards: It used to be called the “Service Contract Act,” and many people still call it that, or… Read more »

The GAO Weighs in on SBA’s New Five Year Annual Receipts Average

Sep 5, 2019

By Heather Mims, Esq. Contractors (and officials) across the country have experienced some confusion about the implementation of the recently enacted Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018. If you’re unfamiliar with the Act, Congress has amended the Small Business Act to modify the method for prescribing size standards for business concerns – what used to… Read more »

“Award Limit Clause” Violates Full & Open Competition; Protest Sustained

Aug 7, 2019

By Hon. Jack Delman In National Government Services, Inc.  v. United States,  923 F.3d 977 (Fed. Cir. 2019) the Federal Circuit sustained a pre-award protest, holding that an agency solicitation containing an “Award Limit clause” (ALC) violated full and open competition under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA), and the agency failed to follow the… Read more »

The Salary History Problem

Aug 1, 2019

By Tyler Freiberger, Esq., An interesting mix of states now ban or otherwise restrict employers from requesting applicants’ prior compensation. Now, don’t run off and start rewriting your application forms just yet, the restrictions are mostly for government jobs, but there are a handful of cities and states that outright ban asking for compensation history.  But… Read more »

Traveling this Summer? Watch Out for TSA Backlogs

Jul 2, 2019

By Heather Mims, Esq. As we get into the summer months, people are gearing up for summer vacation traveling – but be prepared to spend extra time waiting in line for security screening from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Oh No! Why? In a statement issued earlier this Spring, TSA predicted that this year will… Read more »

Supreme Court Reduces Information Available Under FOIA

Jun 27, 2019

By Barbara S. Kinosky, Esq. Hot News! Supreme Court Ruling from June 24, 2019 The Supreme Court just gave a victory lap to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submitters and a defeat to those requesting information under the Act.  In Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media, the Court held that: Where commercial or financial… Read more »