Aug 27, 2014

barbaraThe Government Accountability Office (GAO) does a lot more than deciding bid protests.  GAO is often called the “Congressional watchdog.”  In that role, they release comprehensive reports on all aspects of federal contracting.  And they name names too.  It’s a bit like reading some of the weekly tabloids.

A recent report just came out on tax dodging federal employees and contractors.   It is more politely called “Security Clearances: Tax Debts Owed by DOD Employees and Contractors.”   Anyone who has watched a couple of episodes of “The Americans” knows why security clearance and tax debt (a polite way to say, “they haven’t paid their taxes”) should not be in the same sentence.  So the GAO, at the request of Congress, matched people in the DOD’s JPAS system (the system of record for DOD security clearances) with the IRS Unpaid Assessment database.  Now stick with me on this one.  Those smart folks at GAO did not need training on how to do a security clearance.  Oh no, they just matched social security numbers with JPAS and the IRS.  Bingo.  From the report:

In summary, we found that about 83,000 DOD employees and contractors who held or were determined eligible for secret, top secret, or SCI clearances, or related interim clearances, had unpaid federal tax debt totaling more than $730 million as of June 30, 2012.

Good grief.  How about giving those involved in issuing security clearances access to the IRS tax payer database?  Am I the only one disturbed about this?  Let me hear from you.

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