Apr 22, 2015

By Carmen Calloway and Maureen Jamieson

On April 17, 2015, GSA held its public meeting regarding the proposed Transactional Data Reporting Rule. GSA states that its role is to simplify like offerings into a Category Management module by consolidating like services and supplies into hallways for easier use of buying. The Acquisition Gateway has now been created for ordering agencies, which will allow similar and like offerings to be aligned in one common buying place. The objective of the Common Acquisition Platform is to help reduce price variability, drive down prices and assist the government in making smarter purchases.

Transactional data reporting contributes to this is by requiring GSA schedule holders to report actual “prices paid.” These “prices paid” can be seen by GSA Contracting Officers, along with the Terms and Conditions that can be viewed by the ordering agencies. GSA will be conducting research on pricing horizontally (market prices) to maximize the cost savings during negotiations. GSA refers to this research as a Dynamic pricing module. GSA will be rolling out a pilot program on selected schedules and those vendors will be mandated to participate. The selected contractors will be subject to the Dynamic pricing module however, they will not be subject to the Basis of Award requirements of the Price Reduction Clause. So put on your negotiation hats as GSA and the rest of the federal acquisition workforce will have a “behind the curtain” view of your selling price.

Keep in mind that the rule is still open for public comment with reconciliation of comments beginning after May 4, 2015. You can provide your comments on Regulation.Gov. Ensure you voice is heard. As more information is provided from GSA, we will keep you updated.

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