Aug 15, 2014

barbaraThose of you that are here in the Washington, D.C. metro area with me, I give you my condolences. I too wish I was at the beach. Be that as it may, I am going to briefly share some recent protest highlights (or low lights) as the case may be.

The Court of Federal Claims (COFC) held in CliniComp International, Inc. that the Veterans Affairs computer information system contract award was fundamentally flawed.  The COFC noted that the VA’s evaluation record was too sparse. From the opinion:

[Any technical re-evaluation of proposals under RFQ No. VA249-13-Q-1015 must be conducted in accordance with the standards referenced in this opinion and must correct the errors noted in this opinion by providing a detailed explanation as to whether proposals adequately responded to each of the technical requirements set forth in the RFQ . . .]

And on another note, onward and forward GSA, on the OASIS professional services small business awards.  This is also according to the COFC, who has had a busy summer.  The COFC held that Octo Consulting Group, Inc. failed to show that GSA improperly rated its proposal or that the agency’s conduct was prejudicial. For this “pool” on OASIS, GSA received 100 proposals and made 43 awards.

And so speaking of pools ….  See you next week!

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