Apr 10, 2014

GSA Spring Cleaning

It was a cold, snowy, and dragged out winter for those of us residing in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, but we survived (please don’t laugh at us in the Midwest) and it feels like spring is finally here!  With the warmer temperatures and the cherry blossoms blooming, also comes the dreadful chore of spring-cleaning. This is the only time of the year where you are obligated to scrub your house down from floor to ceiling and throw out junk that’s piled up over the past year. Although it is a pain, the concept behind spring-cleaning is a good one and there are many things in our lives that should get a good scrub down once a year. Spring-cleaning can even be applied to your General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract! GSA Contractors should review their GSA Schedule Contract at least once a year (if not more) to make sure everything is up-to-date and accurate. To make things easier, below is a checklist of items that GSA Schedule Contractors should review to ensure that all items on your GSA Schedule Contract are current, accurate, and complete.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for your GSA Schedule Contract:

  • Authorized Negotiators: Make sure all the authorized negotiators on your contract are still supporting your contract and if not, remove them via an administrative modification. If you need to add new authorized negotiators to your GSA Schedule, submit an administrative modification as well and include screenshots of that individual’s digital certificate. Please note: unless an individual is authorized on your GSA Schedule, they cannot discuss your Contract with your Contracting Officer (CO).
  • Digital Certificate: Make sure your digital certificate is still valid and if it’s not, renew it or order a new one as soon as possible. Without a valid digital certificate, an authorized negotiator cannot access the eMod System.
  • Administrative Contract Data: Ensure that all the administrative data on your contract is up-to-date, such as the Contract Administrator, phone and fax number, e-mail address, website address, physical address, etc. This is very important because your CO will use this contact information to get ahold of you regarding your GSA Schedule Contract.
  • Pricing: Did your firm issue a new commercial price list in 2014? If your firm has and your economic price adjustment (EPA) is tied to FAR clause 552.216-70, it’s time to update your pricing on your GSA Schedule. If your EPA is tied to FAR clause I-FSS-969 (1), make sure to continually monitor the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website to ensure that you do not miss out on an EPA. GSA rarely allows one to “catch up” when it comes to EPA if they have missed past updates to the market indicators.
  • Additions: Did your firm add a new line of products or a new type of service in 2014? If you want new products or services added to your GSA Schedule Contract in 2014, ensure that you have sold these products and/or services first. If you have not, it is not impossible to add them to your GSA Schedule Contract, but it certainly will make it harder for you to do so. If you have sold these new products or services in 2014, submit an additions modification to add these new products and/or services to your GSA Schedule Contract. Upon award, update your GSA Advantage! SIP and text files.
  • Deletions:  If products and/or services currently on your GSA Schedule Contract are no longer being offered, it is time to submit a deletion modification to remove them from your contract. After award of this modification, you will then need to update your SIP and GSA Advantage! text file to reflect these changes as well.
  • Commercial Sales Practice (CSP): GSA has been constantly updating the eMod System and one of the new changes includes digitizing the CSP for your GSA Schedule Contract. If you haven’t already, when you submit a modification that requires a CSP, you will be prompted to enter in your CSP data into the eMod System. With that being said, if you have had any changes to your CSP in the last year, you are required to disclose this information to GSA by submitting a modification with an updated CSP.
  • GSA Advantage! Price List: Ensure that your GSA Advantage! Price List is up-to-date per the last modification awarded under your GSA Schedule Contract. Make sure to note the modification number and effective date in SIP and on the front page of your GSA Advantage Price List. Also, make sure that the terms and conditions (contract ordering information) are up-to-date per the latest refresh to your GSA Schedule Contract. Note: Per the latest IT 70 refresh, in September 2013, the IT 70 terms and conditions applicable to all Special Item Numbers (SINs) has been updated and is now following the same format as the rest of the GSA Schedule Contracts.
  • Mass Modifications: Ensure that all the outstanding mass modifications issued against your contract have been accepted. If you have multiple outstanding mass modifications, there’s a good chance the pin numbers you originally received from your Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) have expired. If this is the case, e-mail your ACO to obtain a new pin number.
  • Small Business Reports: If you are a large business, ensure that all your small business reports are submitted. Note: If your firm has an Individual Small Business Subcontracting Plan, your first Individual Subcontracts Report (ISR) is due on 4/30/2014.
  • IFF Reports: Your GSA Schedule Contract Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) reports for January through March 2014 are due on 4/30/2014. When making this payment, ensure that you do not have any outstanding IFF reports due. Note: Even if your firm had zero sales during this period you are still required to report it via the 72a System.


For questions or more information on GSA Schedules contracting, please contact me at cclokey@centreconsult.com.


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