Feb 13, 2014

Barbara KinoskyOffice of Net Assessment

I write this as we bunker down for yet another snowfall in the Washington D.C. area.  It does make me grateful though that I don’t live in Atlanta, as they head toward another ice-maggedon.  Our Congress, as you know, has had its own disaster called sequestration.  So now that they are back on the Hill, what have those mischief-makers been up to?

Senator Warner (D VA) has introduced a bill to start the Office of Net Assessment within the Department of Defense.  Those contractors who have been losing contracts because of the closing of certain Pentagon offices can rejoice – a possible new entity to support!  So what would be the mission of the Office of Net Assessment?  Funny you should ask. 

The Office of Net Assessment (dare I suggest an acronym of “Off A**”) will develop and coordinate net assessments with respect to the standing, trends, and future prospects of the military capabilities of the United States, as compared to other countries, and identify new threats or opportunities.  This sounds like an opportunity, BD folks.  If you want to follow this, it is Senate bill 1906.   And if you have a better acronym, please let me know. 

And in the House, Congressman Issa (R CA) and his merry band of lawmakers in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reported out a bill to restructure suspension and debarment programs.  The Stop Unworthy Spending (SUSPEND) Act would create a new Board of Suspension and Debarment within GSA.  This Board would serve as a central body for all suspension and debarment activities within the federal government.  Under SUSPEND, existing suspension and debarment officials in various agencies would be looking for new jobs (hint – there may be a new office in the Pentagon called Net Assessment).  For more information follow H.R. 3345.

That’s all the news I’ve got.  If you are interested in hearing more trends, FAR updates, and winners and losers on the protest scene from 2013 to date, I’ll see you at our Annual Review.  I need to run now in preparation for even more snow to get the necessities: bread, milk, and barbequed Fritos.

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