Don’t Let the Service Contract Report (SCR) Add to Your Holiday Stress!

Dec 10, 2015

By Carmen Calloway This is a busy time of year so hopefully you have already submitted your Service Contract Report (SCR), if required. If not, you have less than one (1) week to submit your SCR! The following is a summary of the steps for submitting the SCR, including the reporting requirements, applicable FAR clauses… Read more »

“Ho! Ho! D’oh!!” – Celebrate The Season But Be Mindful Of Potential Liability Risks

Dec 2, 2015

By David Warner With your social media news feed full of articles about insufficiently Christmas-y coffee cups ( and not-quite-tree-shaped candy bars (, it’s clear that the holiday season is upon us. And, what says “Happy christmahanakwanzika” more than some employment lawyer type posting a scolding blog that dashes any and all hope for a… Read more »

Turkeys, Turkeys Everywhere

Nov 18, 2015

By Barbara Kinosky For those of you who have had it with all the election debates, here’s a Thanksgiving joke. What is the difference between Election day and Thanksgiving day? On Thanksgiving, you get a turkey for the day; on Election day, you get a turkey for four years. Which leads me to my opening on… Read more »

For Our Veterans – Unique Employment Protections & Rights

Nov 12, 2015

By Marina Blickley There are a variety of unique laws and regulations related to men and women who served in, are serving in, or will be serving in the uniformed services. As we celebrate those who have served our country, employers and human resources personnel should take a moment to ensure they are familiar with… Read more »

Wojciech Kornacki Interviewed On Federal News Radio

Nov 10, 2015

On November 10, 2015 Wojciech Kornacki, Associate Attorney at Centre Law & Consulting, was interviewed on Federal News Radio. He says “Now Is Not the Time to Get Too Comfortable in Your Billing Habits.” Listen to his Federal News Radio Interview for the full story, or read his recent article “The Message to Federal Contractors Regarding the Debt Limit:… Read more »

David Warner Interviewed for Special Report Published by Bloomberg BNA

Nov 10, 2015

Centre partner David Warner was interviewed and quoted extensively in an October 26, 2015 Special Report published by Bloomberg BNA “U.S. Supreme Court May Ultimately Have the Final Word on the Future of Unpaid Internships in the Private Sector“.  The FLSA Litigation Trackerarticle focused on the issue of unpaid internship programs that is currently moving through… Read more »

When You Come to a Bridge, Cross It!

Oct 28, 2015

By Rich Zimmerman Bridges are structures used to span obstacles such as a body of water or a road. When you read the word ‘bridge’ what comes to mind? Some may picture the Clint Eastwood film, The Bridges of Madison County or the new Spielberg film, Bridge of Spies. Others may remember the infamous Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska that for… Read more »

The Message to Federal Contractors Regarding the Debt Limit: Keep Invoicing, March 2017 Is Just Around the Corner

Oct 28, 2015

By Wojciech Kornacki In a completely unexpected set of developments, President Obama and key Congressional Republican and Democratic lawmakers have agreed overnight on a tentative agreement regarding the federal budget. The agreement lowers changes of a government shut down and extends U.S. borrowing authority until early 2017. At its present form, the tentative agreement will… Read more »

Four Trains Running: The Race to Unscramble Technology Procurement

Oct 22, 2015

By Ron Smith All the great quotes come from the great villains. For example the archenemy in the Dudley Doright cartoons, Snidely Whiplash, who delighted in roping the heroine to the railroad tracks, said: “It’s hard to sneak up on somebody with a train.” However we respectfully disagree, because for the past six months there… Read more »