Feb 6, 2014

This is the End of the Formatted Price List.

Back in December of 2013, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced via the eOffer/eMod home page, that they would be re-configuring the Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule 520 and Travel Services Solutions (TSS) Schedule 599. Due to this announcement , GSA temporarily suspended Contractors from submitting new offers under these two Schedules. This re-configuration comes after the implementation of a pilot program, the Formatted Price List (FPL) that was put into motion by GSA  in May 2012 and affected only the FABS and TSS Schedules. The idea behind the FPL was good, but like many other changes that GSA has implemented in the past (hint, hint, SAM), GSA didn’t iron out all the kinks in the program before implementation. This caused much frustration among not only FABS and TSS Schedule holders, but also GSA Contracting Officers.

Let’s take a step back and look at how the FPL would have benefited Schedule holders if it had been successful. When the FPL was implemented, it sounded really good. It almost sounded too good to be true. The major benefit of the FPL was the elimination of the dreadful Schedule Input Program (SIP). Additional benefits included streamlining the GSA Advantage! Price List upload and also populating the GSA Advantage! Price List thus making the format uniform across applicable Schedule holders.

Due to the re-configuration on January 10, 2014, GSA refreshed both the FABS and TSS Schedule solicitations. Like most contractors had hoped for, the FPL requirement was removed from the  refreshed FABS and TSS Solicitations. However appealing the benefits were, there were many issues with the FPL that caused issues for Contractors. After pricing and administrative modifications were awarded by the GSA Contracting Officer, the information should have been automatically uploaded into the GSA Advantage! Price List, but it wasn’t. According to one Contracting Officer, the list of complaints was long and repetitive.  In addition, the GSA help desk could rarely provide resolution for problems Contractors and Contracting Officers encountered with the FPL.

The good news is that the FPL is history! So what does this mean for companies looking to submit a new offer under the FABS and TSS Schedules? It’s back to square one.

For new offers under FABS and TSS, contractors will have to complete the Document 8, pricing proposal template. Following award, Contractors will have to create a GSA Advantage text file detailing the agreed upon terms and conditions as well as awarded labor category descriptions, rates, etc. Contractors will have 90 days from the award date and will have to wait until their Contracting Officer approves their text and SIP files through the SIP program before they are up on the website.

For current FABS and TSS schedule holders, when submitting a pricing modification such as an economic price adjustment, schedule holders will need to provide the documentation detailed in the Document 8 as well as follow any modification instructions specific to their schedule. After any type of modification is awarded, Schedule holders will have to submit the changes through SIP and wait for their Contracting Officer’s approval of the SIP files in order to have the changes reflected on GSA e-Library and GSA Advantage!


It’s only a matter of time before GSA comes up with some kind of pricing pilot. Let’s hope next time they  work  out the kinks BEFORE implementation!

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