Sep 11, 2014

barbaraThis news is just too juicy to skip.  For those of you from states with a long history of fraud, waste and abuse, this may just bring on a yawn. You probably know that our former governor has been convicted of taking bribes. But we in Virginia haven’t been on the Wikipedia list of states with politicians convicted of crimes this year until the jury came back in the McDonnell case.  If you haven’t looked at the list here’s the link.

Pennsylvania and New York, what is going on?  That list is pretty long.  And if you sort this data, you can see that Louisiana tops the list by per capita. It’s not government contracting, but I found it a bit interesting.  Forgive the digression.

Now on to federal contracting: here is a new wrinkle in terminations.   The Court of Federal Claims (COFC) voided and set aside performance of a sole-source contract after Judge Williams determined that the GSA unreasonably terminated the protestor’s contract over alleged budgetary constraints.   The court concluded that the GSA did not have to terminate Applied Business’s contract and re-procure services on a sole-source basis.

The court in its decision held that GSA failed to articulate a rational connection between a need to reduce personnel performing the contract and its decision to terminate the contract and undertake what was a more expensive new sole-source procurement.  Applied Bus. Mgmt. Solutions Inc. LLC v. United States

In the somewhat good news category, several policy groups are predicting that cuts in defense spending may be eased by 2017.  I do realize that I am saying 2017 but it’s better than more reductions.  Then DOD just came up with its own numbers in its Quadrennial Defense Review which show that meeting the strategic goals in the report will cost about $300 billon more than the budget caps.

This is not leaving me feeling really secure, so on that note, I’ll be signing off to spend time building a bunker in my back yard.

Yours in budget cuts,


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