Sep 30, 2015

Centre partner David Warner was interviewed in a September 18, 2015 article in “CEO Update,” a leading publication for association executives, concerning the challenges for employers in staying current with the constantly evolving laws implicating hiring practices.

“It’s hard for small employers to keep abreast of all of the issues in all the jurisdictions they operate in,” said Warner.  Speaking regarding criminal record checks and the growing “ban the box” movement, he noted that “There is a regulatory push not to have a criminal record be a bar to employment, but it places employers in awkward situations without a lot of guidance in terms of whether a crime is job-related” and therefore a legitimate reason for not hiring a candidate.  Encouraging employers to develop and maintain structured selection processes, Warner added that “It’s the absence of a process that particularly trips up smaller employers.  Employers look at process as an impediment, as something that’s going to slow them down.  But it provides structure so the employer is only eliciting the information they want to be eliciting” so  that an informed and defensible hiring decision can be made.

With nearly 20 years of counseling and litigation experience, Warner heads Centre’s employment law and litigation practices and teaches the course Labor & Employment Law Compliance.

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