In this 8-day interactive course, attendees will apply learned acquisition principles and critical thinking skills to develop business strategies that meet customer requirements. Through the use of a realistic service contracting case study, attendees will focus on critical mission support areas such as customer needs analysis, strategic sourcing, procurement strategy development, and source selection execution.

CON 215 is a required core course for FAC-C certification and is aligned with DAU CON 215 learning objectives (DAU Equivalency Pending).

Prerequisites: CON 120 and CON 214.


  • Assess customer needs and objectives
  • Interpret the stakeholder’s mission statement
  • Effective communications
  • Conduct a spend analysis and identify options
  • Develop a business strategy incorporating market research results
  • Provide business and contracting advice on performance outcomes for the acquisition.
  • Identify risk and mitigation strategies.
  • Select the appropriate acquisition method
  • Evaluate socio-economic program impact on the acquisition
  • Selecting the contract type
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Cost, pricing and CAS requirements
  • Source Selection
    • Documentation
    • Reviews and approvals
    • Conduct source selection evaluations
    • Establish the competitive range
    • Develop a negotiation strategy
  • Conduct a competitive discussion session
  • Determine if a contractor is responsible
  • Task and delivery order contracting
  • Leading teams
  • Comply with ethics rules and oversight agencies
  • Describe the budget cycle and its impact on government purchasing
  • Use e-business to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Advance your career in the acquisition field

Learn How To:

  • Advise and support your customer
  • Use critical thinking skills
  • Apply your technical skills
  • Lead and manage acquisition teams
  • Conduct market research
  • Develop time- and knowledge-management best practices
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