The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is a wealth of possibility for VA Schedule holders, but many companies struggle with knowing how to take advantage of the acquisition opportunities and how to best work with their Contracting Officer.

If you sell health care products/equipment, pharmaceuticals, and services, then our two-day Boot Camp for VA Schedules training course will provide government contracting professionals with insight into how to better negotiate and manage their VA Schedules and may help grow sales in the federal market.

With first-hand experience, the course’s instructor held many roles throughout his 38-year career at the VA. At the time of his retirement, Wayne served as the Executive Assistant to VA’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics. His first-hand experiences will bring real-world examples into the course discussions.


  • Submit proposals and modifications that will be accepted by the VA the first time
  • Escalate your negotiations and handle the potential lack of responses from your Contracting Officer
  • Discuss the implications of the Supreme Court ruling on Kingdomware Technologies Inc v. United States
  • Implement best practices for negotiating and managing VA Schedules
  • Understand the significant role of the VA’s Office of Inspector General in pricing and auditing CSP disclosures
  • Use Schedules to establish BPAs, teaming arrangements, and participating dealer arrangements
  • Strategically use Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPAs) and Prime Vendor relationships
  • Understand the VA’s requirements for accomplishing renewals after 5 years and establishing new contracts after 10 years
  • Avoid compliance pitfalls associated with the Service Contract Labor Standards (formerly the Service Contract Act) under contracts for health care services



“I guess the phrase “Boot Camp” implies a beginning or an introduction to VA Schedules, and it is. But it is so much more. No matter how many times we review the basic structure of Government Contracting, we always pick up something that we can use in our day-to-day operation. This course better equipped us to pick up on the subtle aspects of VA Schedules Contracting.

I imagine anyone with a grip of the subject matter can stand in front of a class and just recite what they know about it. But the Boot Camp for VA Schedules from Centre Law & Consulting is an in depth, interactive instructional experience that will appeal equally to the new hire or the 10-year government contracting veteran.

Our experience has been that everyone walks away from this course better prepared to work within the Government Contracting arena.”

– D.D., Director of Contracting”


  • Breakfast (breakfast and registration open at 8:00am)
  • Light refreshments
  • Course materials
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