Nov 30, 2016

Centre Law & Consulting (Centre), a leading provider of legal services for federal contractors, has successfully worked on behalf of its client – Phoenix Air – to win a favorable outcome in their bid protest against the Department of the Interior on a recent Request for Proposal (RFP).

At issue was the fact that the Department of the Interior allowed one contractor to be credited for meeting the proposal’s criteria even though it submitted information on one plane while recommending to use another in a $25 million U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command contract for electronic warfare aircraft services. Phoenix Air, the incumbent contractor, received a lower rating than the higher-priced awardee. As a result, Phoenix Air argued that the Department of the Interior misevaluated the submitted proposals by applying unstated evaluation criteria, unreasonably failed to hold discussions, and made an unreasonable source selection decision.

After reviewing the protest, the Government Accountability Office concluded that the evaluation of proposals was indeed unreasonable and inconsistent with the terms of the RFP. They sustained the protest in favor of Phoenix Air.

Given the decision, the Department of the Interior must now reevaluate proposals consistent with the solicitation’s evaluation criteria. The agency can amend the solicitation to advise offerors of the agency’s intended evaluation approach, but if it does, it will need to provide offerors with an opportunity to submit revised proposals before it conducts another review and makes a new decision.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of GAO’s decision in our client’s bid protest. It’s gratifying to know that Phoenix Air will have an opportunity to be more fairly evaluated under the set proposal standards and recompete for the work it has already has a history of doing with the Department of the Interior,” said Barbara Kinosky, Esq., Managing Partner of Centre.