The Importance of Effective Writing in Government Contracts

Mar 31, 2016

By Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM Crisp, clear, and effective writing is the hallmark of any professional, and is especially important in Government contracts. A recent study by a consulting firm highlights the importance of clear writing in federal solicitations and source selections. VisibleThread’s “2016 U.S. Government Procurement Clarity Index” analyzed the writing quality of five… Read more »

LPTA or (and?) Bust

Mar 17, 2016

DISA released its final solicitation for its $17.5 billion, 10-year information technology services contract, ENCORE III on March 7. As a quick refresher, DISA had issued two iterations of a draft RFP in 2015 with a pre-solicitation conference held between the two draft releases. Industry provided a ton of feedback at those times, mostly ranging… Read more »

GSA Schedule Holders: Are You Ready for The “Dual?”

Mar 10, 2016

By Carmen Calloway and Maureen Jamieson In February 2016, GSA refreshed all of its solicitations and contracts across the schedules program. The major initiatives are the Streamlined Offer Process for current “successful” legacy contract holders and the Contract Continuity Initiative, also referred to as dual contracts. GSA recognizes that many of its FSS schedule holders… Read more »

Government to Apple: Open the Back Door!

Feb 24, 2016

By Rich Zimmerman A high-stakes drama is erupting! The issue revolves around a Government need to break the encryption on an iPhone. The FBI wants Apple’s ‘help’ to hack into the data on an iPhone used by a terrorist. Here are the basic facts: First, some ‘data’ on an iPhone (or any cell phone?) exists… Read more »

2016 First Quarter Must-Win IDIQs

Feb 11, 2016

2016 is shaping up to be one of the most active Federal contracting years in history. Every Federal contractor who performs IT services needs to be actively engaged as a prime or subcontractor on at least several of these contracts or risk being shut out of large portions of the federal market for the next… Read more »

No Glass Ceilings in a “Transparent” Workplace?

Feb 3, 2016

By Marina Blickley This year has started off with continued efforts by the administration to promote disclosure of compensation information and increase minimum wages. A few recent developments are highlighted below. Pay Transparency EEO-1 Reporting Requirement Coming On February 1, the EEOC published a proposed revision of the employer information report (EEO-1) to require that… Read more »

Reasons to Use the Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation

Jan 27, 2016

By Wayne Simpson I frequently hear from small businesses who express their dissatisfaction with government procurement strategies which fail to embrace small business socioeconomic procurement preference programs.  These procurements are generally conducted using full and open competition and do not use a small business or other socioeconomic procurement preference program set-aside. Often when I look… Read more »

Trends for 2016

Jan 21, 2016

By Barbara Kinosky Trends to watch in 2016. Small business set asides of all kinds will be up and incumbent wins will be down. Both are continuing trends. Since Congress kept the lights on in government offices in December, I am thinking this is a trend that will continue. Look for actual individual agency appropriations… Read more »