The Earth is Flat but Not My Driveway

May 5, 2016

By Barbara Kinosky My Driveway I wake up to yet another day of rain in the Washington D.C. metro area.  It wouldn’t be so bad if my driveway was not a mud pit.  Years ago a crafty driveway company talked us into a pebble driveway which looked like it was in Architectural Digest – for… Read more »

The Overhaul of the U.S. Export Controls Will Benefit Small Businesses

Apr 28, 2016

Currently, the U.S. Government is revising the U.S. export control and enforcement framework.  The new system is designed to facilitate efficiencies and coordination within the U.S. Government, protect national security and critical technologies, and cut costs to U.S. exporters.  However, compliance will remain paramount because the U.S. Government is also consolidating its enforcement mechanisms. Background:… Read more »

GSA’s Making It Easier Initiative – Is It Really That Much Easier?

Apr 21, 2016

By Julia Coon On April 6, 2016 GSA announced the Making It Easier, or MIE, Initiative in order to make it less painful for suppliers to do business with the government. The Making It Easier Initiative includes four programs: IT Schedule 70 FASt Lane IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard Plain Language Roadmap MAS Welcome Package… Read more »

Rely On Advice of Corporate Counsel At Your Own (Not Corporate) Risk

Apr 14, 2016

By Wojciech Kornacki In Unites States v. Wells Fargo, et al, 2015 WL 3999074 (S.D.N.Y, Jun. 2015), District Judge Jesse M. Furman examined a complicated and previously unresolved question  of whether an employee’s intention to pursue an advice-of-counsel defense, without more, constituted an implied waiver of the corporation’s attorney-client privilege, even if the employee lacked authority… Read more »

Unusual and Compelling Urgency- Where There’s a Will…

Apr 7, 2016

By Rich Zimmerman Those of you who attended Centre’s recent Annual Review at either the Tysons or Bethesda venues heard my report, as part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Update, on a final rule (FAR Case 2014-020) concerning Clarification on Justification for Urgent Noncompetitive Awards Exceeding One Year.  FAR Subpart 6.3, Other than Full… Read more »

The Importance of Effective Writing in Government Contracts

Mar 31, 2016

By Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM Crisp, clear, and effective writing is the hallmark of any professional, and is especially important in Government contracts. A recent study by a consulting firm highlights the importance of clear writing in federal solicitations and source selections. VisibleThread’s “2016 U.S. Government Procurement Clarity Index” analyzed the writing quality of five… Read more »

LPTA or (and?) Bust

Mar 17, 2016

DISA released its final solicitation for its $17.5 billion, 10-year information technology services contract, ENCORE III on March 7. As a quick refresher, DISA had issued two iterations of a draft RFP in 2015 with a pre-solicitation conference held between the two draft releases. Industry provided a ton of feedback at those times, mostly ranging… Read more »

GSA Schedule Holders: Are You Ready for The “Dual?”

Mar 10, 2016

By Carmen Calloway and Maureen Jamieson In February 2016, GSA refreshed all of its solicitations and contracts across the schedules program. The major initiatives are the Streamlined Offer Process for current “successful” legacy contract holders and the Contract Continuity Initiative, also referred to as dual contracts. GSA recognizes that many of its FSS schedule holders… Read more »