No Glass Ceilings in a “Transparent” Workplace?

Feb 3, 2016

By Marina Blickley This year has started off with continued efforts by the administration to promote disclosure of compensation information and increase minimum wages. A few recent developments are highlighted below. Pay Transparency EEO-1 Reporting Requirement Coming On February 1, the EEOC published a proposed revision of the employer information report (EEO-1) to require that… Read more »

Reasons to Use the Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation

Jan 27, 2016

By Wayne Simpson I frequently hear from small businesses who express their dissatisfaction with government procurement strategies which fail to embrace small business socioeconomic procurement preference programs.  These procurements are generally conducted using full and open competition and do not use a small business or other socioeconomic procurement preference program set-aside. Often when I look… Read more »

Trends for 2016

Jan 21, 2016

By Barbara Kinosky Trends to watch in 2016. Small business set asides of all kinds will be up and incumbent wins will be down. Both are continuing trends. Since Congress kept the lights on in government offices in December, I am thinking this is a trend that will continue. Look for actual individual agency appropriations… Read more »

The Hammer of Debarment and Shield of Compliance

Jan 14, 2016

By Wojciech Kornacki Humans developed shields to protect from weapons. By analogy, strong compliance may mitigate or protect from various enforcement tools in the arsenal of the U.S. Government. Since at least the Civil War, the U.S. Government has been utilizing criminal penalties, civil liabilities, and administrative and contractual remedies to deter and punish procurement… Read more »

CPSR Easy As I-2-3?

Jan 6, 2016

By Jack Hott Before Microsoft and Excel there was a very popular electronic spreadsheet call Lotus 1-2-3 with the slogan “easy as 1-2-3”. To be honest, preparing for and passing a CPSR isn’t that easy, but there are three steps in the preparation and audit process that if consistently followed will result in a favorable… Read more »

12 Days of the BPA (or IDIQ?)

Dec 16, 2015

By Rich Zimmerman The requirement is an (seemingly) indefinite quantity of goods and services, e.g. Lords a Leaping, Pipers Piping, Turtle Doves – well, you know the drill! Is Buyer better served using an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle or a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)? Is there a difference? In a recent BPA Fundamentals… Read more »

Don’t Let the Service Contract Report (SCR) Add to Your Holiday Stress!

Dec 10, 2015

By Carmen Calloway This is a busy time of year so hopefully you have already submitted your Service Contract Report (SCR), if required. If not, you have less than one (1) week to submit your SCR! The following is a summary of the steps for submitting the SCR, including the reporting requirements, applicable FAR clauses… Read more »

“Ho! Ho! D’oh!!” – Celebrate The Season But Be Mindful Of Potential Liability Risks

Dec 2, 2015

By David Warner With your social media news feed full of articles about insufficiently Christmas-y coffee cups ( and not-quite-tree-shaped candy bars (, it’s clear that the holiday season is upon us. And, what says “Happy christmahanakwanzika” more than some employment lawyer type posting a scolding blog that dashes any and all hope for a… Read more »

Turkeys, Turkeys Everywhere

Nov 18, 2015

By Barbara Kinosky For those of you who have had it with all the election debates, here’s a Thanksgiving joke. What is the difference between Election day and Thanksgiving day? On Thanksgiving, you get a turkey for the day; on Election day, you get a turkey for four years. Which leads me to my opening on… Read more »