Mar 5, 2015

Wednesday we just finished our first of two Annual Reviews’ of Federal Contracting for 2015. I, and everyone at Centre, felt exceptionally lucky since yesterday’s weather was sleet and my personal favorite, freezing rain and today is a large snow storm.

Here are some highlights. This year we were happy to welcome Dave Wennergren from the Processional Services Council who gave a very well received market briefing. Dave spoke about the continued challenge the government faces in attracting both technology talent and contracting officers.   His opinion was that LPTA will probably not be disappearing anytime soon. His list of policy challenges include supply chain accountability, commerciality determinations, USAID acquisition reforms and the GSA category management and hallways initiatives.

Maureen Jamieson, who heads Centre’s GSA group, spoke about the new professional services schedule (PSS) and the CAV (Contractor Assistance Visits) changes. She said that contractors can expect annual visits from GSA auditors if they are exceeding approximately $150,000 annually in sales. Maureen also said that there is an increased emphasis by auditors on resume review and matching them to GSA labor categories to ensure personnel meet the labor category descriptions.   GSA is trying to keep industry updated through webinars on the implementation of PSS and other initiatives.

Mark Burroughs, a partner with Dixon Hughes, spoke about new DCAA guidance on business system noncompliance. The DCAA guidance is the first inkling that not all deficiencies or weaknesses are significant. Mark also addressed the KBR law suit against DCAA. KBR is using DCAA for the $12.5 million in legal fees it incurred when DCAA performed a negligent audit of one of its contracts.

Other speakers covered the new labor rules, bid protests and trade agreements compliance.   I moderated and covered new legislation including the Intelligence Authorization Act which requires mandatory contractor disclosures of IT security breaches, the new upcoming cyber executive agencies and FAR changes in pass-through justifications (70% of the total cost of the work), the new WOSB and other major small business changes.

If you want to know more, email me or come to our final Annual Review on March 31 in Bethesda, MD.

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