Jan 8, 2015

barbaraEvery January 1, I look forward to reading the Washington Post’s List of what’s In and Out. This year I found out that “yasss” is out and “on fleek” is in. Forget about your artisanal toast or infused liquor or naked reality shows. This is a biscuit year with a side of premium milk while watching “90 Day Fiancé”.  And the best place to watch it is not in Croatia, but in Uruguay. If you want to learn more on what is in and what is out, here’s the link.

Now turning to federal contracts.  Here are my predictions for 2015:

  • Decreased use of CPFF contracts
  • Some decrease in LPTA
  • More Executive Orders on labor issues
  • Increases in set aside contracts
  • Increase in monitoring small business plans
  • Increased OFCCP audits
  • Increased congressional interest in veteran’s disability issues and increased interest in veterans’ employment and not deployment
  • More reorganization at the Veteran’s Affairs
  • Industry resistance to White House initiatives on salary transparency inside federal government contracting companies
  • Less insourcing and more training of federal employees
  • Increased use of multi-year contracts

If you want to learn more about Centre’s predictions and stay current on government contracting issues, come to our wildly popular Annual Review – Hot Issues in Federal Contracting 2015.  It’s only offered once a year.  It’s also a great networking event.  On fleek.

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